Shelves module 1,2,3,4

In this section you can find the assortment modules with selected specialties which are determined in the various market types and sizes on the market. We offer our customers a lot of shelf modules with the top sellers. The assortment placement is based on the different market types.

Shelve module 1/DeliBest "fast movers" assortment 


-For Small markets
-10 Article
-Pocket Size with a favorable Recommended retail price
-High revenue
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 2/DeliBest "competence" assortment

-For Medium markets
-21 Article
- Pocket Size
- Light Products
-Functional Food
- High turnover
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 3/DeliBest retailers assortment

-For Larger markets
-29 Article
-All important product lines
-High Sales volume
-Also Suitable for DIY-Stores
-Attractive Trading range

Shelve module 4/specialist retail shop

Block 4 is ideal for retailers, for retail chains or for DIY stores with major department. The assortment covers the following segments:

-For full assortment
- 39 articles
-High Revenue contribution
-Wide Demand coverage
-Also possible as a second placement
-Attractive Trading range
-Optimally for DIY stores
-Optimally for garden centers
-Optimally for retail chains with specialist retail
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