Dominik Stohler (pictured left), received at the Hofburg in Vienna the coveted award.

On June 21, 2017, DeliBest has been nominated 'Brand of the Year' at the throne room of the Hofburg in Vienna. More than 60,000 end-users from all over the world participated in the competition and named their favourites among 800 applicants in the pet market. The DeliBest brand was the winner for Switzerland. DeliBest is the private label of Delipet AG in Hölstein. Delipet was founded in 1994 with the aim of producing high quality meat snacks for dogs and cats. Since then the product line has been steadily developed. Today, DeliBest is one of the most popular brands of premium meat snacks. The Premium Brand provides a fundamental message: «Best Delicacy and 100% nature based». The entire DeliBest range has always been produced without grain and is therefore 100% gluten-free. «DeliBest» is also in strong demand as a feed by owners of allergic dogs. In recent years, the segment Snacks/Reward Items has gained significant importance in the pet market. Both specialists and grocery retailers are using the DeliBest Premium range to meet the needs of a clientele, which primarily seeks high quality.

The DeliBest brand is distinguished by 100% natural raw materials as well as high-quality meat, which are processed in the DeliBest products.

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Certificate to the Brand of the Year


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